I’m a digital director / creative technologist based in London.

I work across disciplines such as computer graphics, software engineering, moving image, VR/AR, the web, mobile, IoT, interaction and user experience design. I’m interested in the nascent field of immersive computing.

Beyond tech, I’m interested in all aspects of business operations. Previously I ran a digital innovation studio, a company facilitating foreign startup investments and an India-based e-commerce business.


Alex Anpilogov
[email protected]
+44 (0) 7751740177


Behind the Scenes

What is creative technology?

Creative technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines design and computing.

Experiences created in the field combine elements of 2D/3D design, 3D printing, virtual and augmented realities, software engineering across various stacks, data-driven and generative design, moving image production, wearable technologies, connected IoT devices and so on.

Designing and directing such experiences requires deep understanding of each medium, UX principles and business requirements to deliver usable and valuable products and services.