Hey, I’m Alex. I experiment with multimedia, design and code to deliver hybrid projects for advertising, film, digital and live event industries.

The work is quite diverse: from mobile prototypes to live audiovisual shows for huge audiences. In the past few years my focus has been moving image, 3D and interactive installations. My key tools are Cinema 4D, After Effects, openFrameworks, Processing and Max/MSP. I’m interested in two main areas: emerging technology and the start-up ecosystem.

I’m currently based in London, providing consultancy for unconventional multimedia projects and building Djinn - the invention studio.

I’m happy to help you with your ideas or link you to the right people, so please drop me a line and we’ll work out if I can help.

Thanks for looking around!

+44 (0) 7751740177

Skype: alex_anpilogov
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